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Importance of Home Taleem
Posted On Sun, 15/10/2017 - 22:10

A Muslim home is really one in which 5 times salaat takes place (by the females), Nafl namaazes take place, tilawat (recitation) of the Qur’an Sharif, Zikrullah, duas, muraqabah (meditation) and very importantly Taleem takes place.

It is narrated in a Hadith that Allah’s azab (punishment) does not descend in a place where the hadith of Rasulullah(sallallaahu alaiyhi wassallam) is read. Subhanallah!

By making Taleem in our homes, we will be saved from the azab of Allah. A vacuum does not exist anywhere. If there is no Taleem (rahmat) of Allah in the house, then there will be all types of ghaflat (unmindfiilness) like television, videos, too engrossed in the cell phone, leaving no time for anyone, newspapers, magazines, radios, games, idle talk of dunya, backbiting, slandering, etc. which all draw the azab of Allah.

This azaab then manifests itself in the form of the disobedience of the children to their parents, of them choosing alien, hated and horrible ways of the west, etc. in their attitudes, dressing, speaking, etc, Also the azab is seen in the form of no communication, etc. between husband and wife and other family members.

Many a person complains that Alhamdulillah we have got every thing of dunya but there is no muhabbat (love) in our house or we are earning so much but there is no barakah. Before the end of the month, all the money is finished and so many bills still have to be paid.This is yet another form of Allah’s azab.