Truthfulness and trustworthiness

وحدثني مالك انه بلغه :أنه قيل للقمان ما بلغ بك ما نرى يريدون الفضل فقال لقمان صدق الحديث وأداء الأمانة وترك ما لا يعنيني


Hadrat Imaam Maalik R.A narrates that I know that Luqman Alaihis Salaam (The-Wise) was asked, “What has brought you to this position on which we find you?” Hadrat Luqman A.S said, “Truthfulness of speech, trustworthiness, and discarding of useless and futile things.”

Hadrat Luqman A.S is the nephew of Ayub A.S. Some have stated that he was the son of Hadrat Ayub A.S maternal aunt. There is a difference of opinion amongst the Ulema in regards to him being a Nabi of Allah Ta'ala or not. The correct view is that he was a wise person and a Wali (close friend) of Allah Ta'ala.

It is recorded in a narration that he served one thousand Ambiya A.S.. It is narrated from Abdullah bin Abbas R.A that Hadrat Luqman A.S was not a Nabi, nor was he a king. He was a dark skinned slave that grazed the goats. Allah Ta'ala favoured him with acceptance, blessed him with wisdom, intelligence and mentioned him in the Kitaab. (Mazaahir-e-Haq)   


  • Dunya Ki Haqeeqat