Tere Aashiqo me Jeena


ترے  عاشقوں میں  جینا تیرے عاشقوں میں مرنا

To live with the lovers of Allah Jalla Jala Laho, to die with the lovers of Allah (it means to be with them all the time)

Hadrat used to say that if a person has a query pertaining to matters of Deen then ask such Ulema that have Zikr with their knowledge as well. Secondly, remain in the company of the elderly as such a person will gain experience quickly. Thirdly, mix with the wise people (i.e. the friends of Allah).

ہے اسی طرح سے ممکن تری راہ سے گذرنا         کبھی دل پے صبر کرنا  کبھی دل سے شکر کرنا

It is only possible in this way to pass this road (to reach Allah Jalla Jala Laho), sometimes exercise patience with the heart and sometimes be grateful.

Sabr here means that a person should restrain himself when having the desire to sin. We understand Sabr as enduring some difficulty with patience. Express gratitude when you are blessed with the Taufeeq of doing good deeds as the ability of carrying out good deeds is only from Allah Jalla Jala Laho.      

یہ تری رضا میں جینا یہ تری رضا میں مرنا          میری عبدیت پہ یا رب یہ ہے تیرا فضل کرنا

This living in your pleasure and dying in your pleasure, this is my servitude O Rabb! This is your Fadhl (grace) upon me.

To die in the happiness of Allah refers to killing the desire of Haraam. When we are commanded by Allah Jalla Jala Laho to carry out a certain act then fulfil the commands of Allah Jalla Jala Laho. Our attitude generally contradicts this couplet. We are dead at the time of Fajr (when we suppose to be alive and fulfil the command of Allah of performing Salaah). When we are confronted with temptation and supposed to die then we live.  When we live a life according to this couplet then servitude will come into a person.           

یہی عاشقوں کا شیوہ  یہی عاشقوں کی عادت کبھی گریہ و بکا ہے کبھی آہ سرد بھرنا

This is the way and trait of the lovers (of Allah Jalla Jala Laho), sometimes they are sobbing, sometimes they take a deep sorrowful sigh

The lovers of Allah Jalla Jala Laho cry either because of their sins or due to acknowledging the great favours of Allah Jalla Jala Laho upon them. Sometimes there is a deep sigh from the inner recesses of the heart for the bounties of Allah Jalla Jala Laho. People with such attitude speed in the path of Allah Jalla Jala Laho.      

یہی عشق کی علامت یہی عشق کی ضمانت   کبھی ذکر ہو زباں سے کبھی د ل میں یاد کرنا

This is the very sign of the love of Allah, this is guarantee that one possesses the love of Allah Jalla Jala Laho. (What is the sign? It is explained in the next couplet) - Sometimes the Zikr of Allah is on the tongue and sometimes He is remembered in the heart.    

میری  زندگی کا  حاصل  مری زیست کا سہارا        ترے عاشقوں میں جینا  تیرے عاشقوں میں مرنا

The sum total of my life, the support of my life, To live with the lovers of Allah Jalla Jala Laho, to die with the lovers of Allah

At the end of one’s life he adds up all his assets, or whilst living a person draws up a balance sheet. The sum total and support of my life is to live with the lovers of Allah Jalla Jala Laho and to die with the lovers of Allah Jalla Jala Laho.  Hadrat Abu Bakr Radhiallahu Anhu used to say, “I love to sit before you (O Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam), look at your (blessed) face and spend my wealth on you. 

مجھے کچھ خبر نہیں تھی ترا درد کیا ہے یا رب      ترے عاشقوں سے سیکھا ترے سنگ در پہ مرنا

I had no idea as to what your love was O Allah! We learnt from your lovers how to give our lives at your threshold

Giving one’s life for Allah Jalla Jala Laho was taught to us by the Sahaaba Radhiallahu Anhuma. On the occasion of the battle of Uhud seventy Sahaaba Radhiallahu Anhuma had given their lives. They had written the love of Allah with the blood of their body.   

یہ تری  عنایتیں ہیں یہ تری مدد کا صدقہ     مری جان ناتواں کا ترے غم پے صبر کرنا

These are all Your gifts, this is Your help (that we are aware of the love of Allah), this is my useless body that is excising patience on Your love

The example of this is the love that Majnoo had for Laila yet she did not even care about him. Allah Jalla Jala Laho cannot be seen by us, therefore we don’t know whether Allah Jalla Jala Laho loves us or not even though we hope that He loves us. We are therefore taught a Dua in the Hadith,

لك العتبى حتى ترضى

We will keep pleading with You until You are pleased.

Had we known that Allah Jalla Jala Laho loves us we would have taken it for granted. A person appreciates his wife before marriage but the moment he marries her, he knows that she belongs to him and takes it for granted. He even starts looking at other women. This is the nature of man. Not knowing whether Allah Jalla Jala Laho loves us or not is a gift of Allah upon us.     

یہ تری عطا ہے یا رب یہ ہے تیرا جذب پنہاں         مرا نالہ ندامت  ترے سنگ در پہ کرنا

This is Your gift O Rabb, This is Your concealed pull, to pour out my regret at Your threshold

The concealed pull of Allah Jalla Jala Laho is similar to a remote control that is pressed and the garage door open. You cannot see the connection between the remote and the motor, similar is the pull of Allah Jalla Jala Laho. Coming for the Majlis or going for one’s five times Salaah to the Masjid is the pull of Allah Jalla Jala Laho. Sometimes a person regrets on how he had wasted his life and starts crying as people attain piety at the end of their life.         

مرا ہر خطا پہ رونا ہے یہی مری تلافی      تری رحمتوں کا صدقہ مرا جرم عفو کرنا

To cry upon every error of mine, this is my compensation, it is because of Your mercy You forgive my sins.  

تری شان جذب ہے یہ تری بندہ پروری ہے مرے جان ودل کا تجھ کو ہمہ وقت یاد کرنا

This is Your great quality of pulling us towards You, and nurturing us, with my life and heart we will remember You at all times   

کسی اہل دل کی صحبت جو ملی کسی کو اختر         اسے آگیا ہے جینا اسے آگیا ہے مرنا

If anyone got the companionship of any Ahle-Dil O Akhtar! He has learnt how to live and die.

The love of Allah Jalla Jala Laho will come by remaining in the company of Ahlullah. This fire doesn’t light but it is lit.