Temptation and getting influenced too easily


I really try, the world is full of temptation and I get influenced too quickly. I used to be very sinful before and I still am, but it was worse before. I was chatting and intermingling with naa mehram, listening to music, etc 

Alhamdulillah after starting Madressah I have seen a change but sometimes I still slip. 
I had a best friend who was a boy, Astagfirullah, until one day we both decided to change our lives Alhamdulillah. I am hoping that if we leave sinning, Allah Ta’ala will re-unite us the halaal way and if it is not written, Allah Ta’ala knows best. 


Once having made sincere Toubah of all our wrongs and evils, forget about it, as much as is humanly possible. By thinking of it, one will be tempted to get involved in those sins again.


Keep up with your ma'mulaats and zhikrs - this will help you very greatly! Be positive and look ahead in life - not the back. Leave the future to Allah Ta’ala.  Allah Ta’ala grants the best - don't think of it, don't get involved in any haraam! Keep reporting regularly.



Hadhrat’s email brought tears to my eyes. First time someone gave me such hope. I always felt like a lost case. I place my trust in Allah Ta’ala and Insha-Allah I will try my best with Hadrat’s advices and most importantly I just need Hadrat’s Duas always.