Sunnat method of wearing clothing

We all have to wear clothes, even non-Muslims have to wear clothes. So do this act according to sunnat and just think that this is the sunnat of my Nabî Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam. And the sunnat method is not difficult either!

When wearing the kurtâ, and even a shirt for that matter -though it is not sunnat to wear a shirt -  we can wear it according to sunnat; that is put the right hand in the right sleeve first, and then the left hand in the left sleeve. For this, in this day and age we will get the reward of a hundred martyrs. The martyr of the battlefield gets the reward of a single shahîd, while this shahîd gets the reward of 100 shaheeds and does not even die! Then put the right leg in the right side of the trouser, then the left leg in the left side. And dare not give somebody an appointment the 1st thing in the morning! Wear your trouser first! What will happen if you gave an appointment and you do not have your trouser on?!

Our Sheikh (dâmat barakâtuhum) says, in his wonderful, humorous way, that there are only 3 ways you can wear your trousers, firstly, the left leg in the left side first. Never do this, this is the way of shaytân. The 2nd way is to hang the trouser between 2 chairs and make a runaway in the house and run and jump with both legs at one time into the trouser. Never try this, this is not sunnat and you will break your head and back, and won’t succeed either. The 3rd way is the simple sunnat way, that is the right leg in the right side first and then the left side. The same ruling applies with the socks and shoes.

Ladies have an added bonanza and gift. They bring up the children, so if they teach the children to wear their clothes according to sunnat, as long as they will carry on doing it and in turn teach their children, all the rewards will accrue in their account as well! Children of 2 years, the terrible 2, do all impossible and upside down things, they will wear the left foot first in the right shoe, and the right foot in the left shoe. So if the mother teaches the child, “My darling, the right foot in the right shoe first and then the left foot in the left shoe,” for a few days and the child gets used to it and carries on doing it its whole life and teaches it to others, the mother will carry on getting its reward for as long as this action carries on. May Allah Ta'ala grant us the ability to learn every sunnat.

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