سکون دل

The entire world is seeking peace of mind and contentment from morning till evening. There are searching for it n the wrong places therefore the more they are searching for it the more they are being deprived. If it is searched for in the right direction, it will be found in a short span of time. The worst place to search this contentment is places of sin as it is impossible to find it there.   

اگر اللہ والوں سے نہیں دل کی دوا پاتا            بہت مشکل تھا اپنے نفس سرکش کو دبا پاتا

If the medication of the heart was not acquired from the Ahlullah (men of Allah), it was very difficult to suppress the rebellious Nafs (carnal desires) 

The medication of the heart cannot be acquired in the hospital, chemist, etc. This can only be found in the companionship of the friends of Allah Ta’ala.

The Nafs of a person is extremely rebellious. If one’s horse or dog becomes rebellious, or the wife becomes rebellious or one’s vehicle is out of control and he is unable to control it, then how dangerous isn’t it! The Nafs is even worse than these things but the cure can be acquired in the company of the Ahlullah.

When the Nafs is out of control then one commits sin which furthers him away from the mercy of Allah Ta’ala. This person is surrounded with the displeasure of Allah Ta’ala. It is only the kindness and mercy of Allah Ta’ala that we are still living. Allah Ta’ala has promised to provide and take care of us thus Allah Ta’ala takes care of people in spite of their Kufr and Shirk. We are now deceived by this and we do not see the clemency of Allah Ta’ala.

Hadrat Sheikh R.A has explained that the Adhaab of Allah Ta’ala are of two types. The first is a light form of punishment where a person is blinded or paralysed due to his sins, or one gets into financial problems. Due to these punishments one takes a lesson and turns to Allah Ta’ala in Dua, Tahjjud, etc. This is when Allah Ta’ala loves a person.

The second type which is a heavy form of punishment is that Allah Ta’ala increases a person in bounties in spite of his disobedience. The snner now thinks that Allah Ta’ala is pleased with him and continues with his evil ways without even thinking of Taubah. Finally, Allah Ta’ala grips a person at the time of death without him repenting to Allah and he has to face severe punishments.

Allah Ta’ala mentions in the Quraan,

فَلَمَّا نَسُواْ مَا ذُكِّرُواْ بِهِ فَتَحْنَا عَلَيْهِمْ أَبْوَابَ كُلِّ شَيْءٍ حَتَّى إِذَا فَرِحُواْ بِمَا أُوتُواْ أَخَذْنَاهُم بَغْتَةً فَإِذَا هُم مُّبْلِسُونَ


When they forgot the advice given to them, We opened to them the doors to all (good) things. Until the time came that they rejoiced over what was given to them, We suddenly gripped hold of them (punished them), leaving them despondent (having no hope of ever recovering the bounties they lost).

This can be understood by a logical example. A rat is troubling in a house by eating the groceries food etc. The housewife buys fresh cheddar cheese or prepares fresh ghee rot and places it exactly where the mouse hole is together with a rat trap. The rat gets even happy that now i am getting fresh cheese and roti so the people of this house are pleased with me. When it takes a bite it is now executed by the trap. This is the example of a sinner that is being blessed with bounties in spite of sinning. It is also possible that the rat is left with the cat in the same cage and the cat is playing with mouse.

What goes through the mind of the mouse when it is aware that its death lies ahead of it. Similarly, a sinner experiences such hardships and difficulty that he is unable to find a way out. So, a person that is disliked by Allah Ta’ala is blessed with more bounties until he is caught by Allah Ta’ala severely and harshly.

Peace of mind is only in Deen but we are looking for it in Dunya. This is similar to a person that had lost his gold coin in his little tin shanty but was looking for it on the road side as he didn’t have any lights in his tin shanty but there was a bright light on the street. If he had looked for it in the tin shanty by moving his hand around in the dark then too he would have found it but he will definitely not find it on the street as he didn’t lose it there.

We are looking for peace of mind in western lifestyle, their universities, resorts, timeshares, etc. but we will not acquire it there as it is not kept there. The Dunya is not even equivalent to the wing of a mosquito. A mosquito has six wings. Nobody likes mosquitoes or would breathe mosquitoes. People hate mosquitoes and kill them. The Dunya is not even equal to a part of what you hate, but we looking for peace of mind in there.

Once Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam passed by an area where all the filth of the town was gathered. There was a baby of a goat that was lying dead with its body blown up and full of defects. Therefore, it didn’t really have any value. Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam asked, “Who will purchase this goat for a Dirham?” The Sahaaba replied, “We won’t even take this goat free of charge.”  Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam said, “The Dunya has even less value than this.”                   

نحن قوم اعزنا الله بالاسلام فان نطلب العزة فى غير الاسلام اذلنا الله

We are a nation whom Allah Ta’ala has granted respect to through Islam, if we seek honour in other than Islam Allah Ta’ala will humiliate us

The constitution of approximately thirty countries claim that they are Muslim countries though Islam is hardly practiced. Christianity is not practiced in any country except in the Vatican which is not a country on its own. Nepal is the only place which is ruled by Hinduism not even the entire India. Islam is the only religion which is found in thirty countries. The black gold which is petrol has been placed pre-dominantly in Muslim land but the Muslims are regarded as mosquitoes. This is the result of forsaking our Deen and looking for peace in their ways.

Deen can only be acquired from people that have Deen who are termed as the Ahlullah. There are many people that are friends of an exceptionally good doctor yet they do not take any treatment from him. This will not help. We have to realise that the correct medication has to be taken in order to benefit. This has to be taken from the Ahlullah.             

خدا کی سرکشی سے خود کشی ہے مال ودولت میں              کبھی اللہ والوں سے نہیں ایسا سناجاتا

By disobeying Allah Ta’ala one is found committing suicide in the material wealth, This is never heard of about the Ahlullah 

The W.H.O. have mentioned that generally the wealthy commit suicide. You hardly hear of the poor committing suicide. Amongst the wealthy, those that hold high positions and big bank balances are the ones committing suicide. Depression is also mostly commonly found in developed countries amongst the wealthy. The poor people are able to sleep anywhere at any time. So, the wealthy end up in mental hospitals and finally commit suicide.

In the police force we hear of police officers killing many others before committing suicide. In the obedience of Allah Ta’ala is peace of mind and contentment of heart. One never hears of Ahlullah committing suicide. The more a person becomes Allah Wala the more he enjoys peace of mind.            

سکون د ل اترتا ہے فلک سے اہل تقوی پر               بدون حکم خدا سائنس داں پھر کیسے پا جاتا

Peace of mind descends from the heavens upon the people of Taqwa, without the command of Allah Ta’ala where can the scientist find peace of mind  

Allah Ta’ala send down his Sakina as explained in the verse of the Quraan Sharif,

هُوَ الَّذِي أَنزَلَ السَّكِينَةَ فِي قُلُوبِ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ لِيَزْدَادُوا إِيمَانًا مَّعَ إِيمَانِهِمْ


It is He Who sends tranquillity into the hearts of the Mu'mineen so that their Imaan increases together with the Imaan they (already) have

The Imaan within a person grants us peace of mind. When the British had ruled over India, the Ulema had fought against the British. In a certain battle they managed to get hold on an Alim that new the strategy of the Muslims. They had also got hold of his son that was approximately ten to twelve years old who also knew the secrets of the Muslims. They tried bribing him torturing him but to no avail. Finally, he told them that there is only one way that will be able to get the secrets out of me. You will have to kill my son in front of me as if I disclose the secrets to you then he will tell everyone that my father has disclosed the secrets and thus spoil my name. They fell for his strategy and killed the young boy. He then said, “Do as you wish! I will never disclose a single secret.”  I feared that you will torture this boy and get him to disclose the secrets as he will not be able to tolerate persecutions due to his young age. The officer in charge asked him, “What made you do this?” He replied, “Imaan!” He asked, “What is Imaan and kept repeating the word Imaan until he became insane.”

The Western way is such that a person purchases torn and patched jeans at a higher price. Good Muslim people pay higher prices due to it being a brand name item. The ladies will pay exorbitant prices for certain Burqas because it is the latest style. The west have mentioned, “If we want something to become popular in the Muslim world we market it in the stores of Makkah Sharif and Cairo.

Nowadays, we want Islam to suite us and fit according to our way of life. If the shoe doesn’t fit us then we chop off the toes so that the shoes fit whereas we suppose to fit into Islam. We want to pull the 1400 year old Islam by the noose into the modern world. Many people are happy with the title of Islam whereas they cherish the ways of the west. The title holds no value at all. If a person puts up four poles on the road with grass as a roof and labels it ‘hotel paradise’ then it does not become hotel paradise. The Islam that was given to Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam is acceptable to Allah Ta’ala.             

اگر پٹرول کے مانند ہوتا یہ سکون دل                  زمیں میں کرکے بورنگ اس کو ہر کافر بھی پاجاتا

If peace of mind was like petrol, then every Kaafir would have dug into the ground and acquired peace of mind

بتوں کی ےعشق سے دنیا میں ہر عاشق ہوا پاگل                 گناہوں سے سکون پاتا تو کیوں پاگل کہاں جاتا

Due to the love of the idols (filthy women of the streets) every over lost his sanity, If peace of mind was acquired by sinning then why is such a person regarded as insane.

Idols could refer to one’s business, profession, courier, etc. In short the love of anything besides Allah Ta’ala will be termed as idols in the couplet. We say that money has power or ‘money talks’.  We even say that we have contacts. Control and power of everything is only in the hands of Allah Ta’ala. We want peace of mind in these things yet it hasn’t been kept in these things. Search for peace of mind in the simple things such as Salaah, Zikrullah, Dua, etc. Unfortunately our taste buds are burnt.

We do not enjoy Zam Zam yet we enjoy cool drinks. We do not enjoy home food but we enjoy eating out at restaurants. We do not gain enjoyment dressing as Muslims. This is like a sick person that doesn’t want to look at samoosas and Biryani due to his ill-health. When he regains his health then he will look for samoosas in the fridge in the late hours of the night.

We are spiritually so ill that our Halaal wives are not enjoyable to us but we get enjoyment in Haraam. When we are so sick don’t we require a great deal of treatment?   


بچو گندے عمل سے امردوں سے دور ہوجاو                      اگر یہ فعل اچھا تھا خدا پتھر نہ برساتا

Abstain from filthy acts, stay far from young boys, if this act was regarded as good then Allah Ta’ala wouldn’t have rained stones upon those involved (in sodomy) 

We are living in an enlightened age yet gay marriages are legalized and if anyone speaks against it then he is regarded as a foolish person. This has been approved in parliament and people take to the streets for its recognition. These are the type of people we hold in great esteem and follow. 

The reality of the world is that it is only play and amusement. It is regarded as goods of deception in the Quraan Sharif. If a person marries the most beautiful woman in the world and he is enjoying his life with her, then too how long will the actual enjoyment last? In contrast to the world, the bounties of Jannat are forever. The most beautiful woman of the world won’t even come close to the damsels of Jannat. We are prepared to give up all these everlasting bounties for the temporary enjoyment (which is in reality filth) of the Dunya.

The people of Hadrat Loot Alaihis Salaam were involved in sodomy and were destroyed by Jibraeel Alaihis Salaam. He turned the entire the locality upside down with the tip of his wing. There is no peace in these things. Peace can only be acquired in the companionship of the Ahlullah.             

نہیں ممکن تھا ان کی راہ میں میرا قدم رکھنا                      اگر جذب  کرم کی د ل نہیں کوئی صدا پاتا

It was not possible for me to place my foot in his path, If the call of the honourable pull (of Allah Ta’ala) was not in my heart  

There are many people that come to the company of the great Mashaaikh yet the call and pull towards Allah Ta’ala is not in their heart. On the other hand there are people that are at a distance yet they are changing. Normally, Suhbat is more important yet some are deprived whilst in the Suhbat of the Sheikh, whilst others at a distance are benefitting tremendously.

Our condition is such, we eat delicious food yet there isn’t any Shukr to Allah Ta’ala or expression of gratitude to the wife. When invited for a Dawat, we don’t even take notice of the manner the Dastarkhaan has been laid out with such precision and perfection. We should show appreciation to the host but we do not show any appreciation whatsoever. The ladies take great trouble in preparing the food yet we take no notice whatsoever. The wife dresses for the husband but husband hardly takes notice that she is dressed for him.

Allah Ta’ala provides air for us to breathe, the ground to walk upon, but we take no notice and show no appreciation. When a person has Imaan then he will recognise Allah Ta’ala by looking at a blade of grass or even by looking at oneself. How Allah Ta’ala has created the human body! The structure of the human being is so perfect, the eyes, ears, have been located with such perfection in their appropriate locations. The brains are functioning with such accuracy, the heart is pumping blood every second but we take no notice whatsoever.

We listen to Bayaans and Qiraat but we take no effect whatsoever. When Imaan is kindled then one is connected to Allah Ta’ala by drinking a glass of water or a cup of tea.                       

میں تھک جاتاہوں اپنی داستان درد سے اختر                      مگر کیا کروں چپ بھی نہیں مجھ سے رہاں جاتا         

I get tired with my story of the pain of love, but what should I do as I cannot keep silent

Hadrat says, “I want this love of Allah Ta’ala to be enjoyed by everyone.” Recognise Allah Ta’ala in all the technology that you are enjoying, in the latest model car that you are driving. In everything notice the hand of Allah Ta’ala.We are short sighted and say that the west has given these things to the world yet it is only Allah Ta’ala that has given it to us.