A Satanic Deception: A Word of Warning

A married couple should constantly remember that, the shortcomings of any one partner does not warrant that the rights of the other partner should be neglected in any way. It is a satanic deception that if one of the partners is involved in sin or is negligent of the other partner’s rights then one should reciprocate by involving oneself in the same sin. This warped thinking is destructive. Every individual will be responsible for his own actions, every individual will have to be placed in his own grave, every individual will have to face the Creator and answer for his actions. A person should have the Aakhirah as his main concern, if a person is a little tolerant and make a little sacrifice in this temporary world then the everlasting bounties of Jannah will be easily acquired. If both partners are constantly mindful of fulfilling each other’s rights then the world will become a paradise for them. They will also reap tremendous rewards in the hereafter. Their existence in the world will be peaceful and Allah will help and aid them from His unseen bounties during times of difficulties.  The first step in attaining this blissful existence, is by acquiring the basic knowledge of Deen. As it is stated in Quran,

“Those who do good actions from male and female and they are believers, We will certainly grant them a blissful life.”

The following kitaabs are recommended to attain this basic knowledge:

  1. Tablighi Nisab (1 & 2)

  2. Talimul Islam

  3. Behishti Zewar


BY: Sufi Iqbal Sahib

This is an extract from the  Kitaab which is meant to help and encourage our daughters in Islam, to bring Deen into their marriages, homes and the lives of the children.