Root of all sins

Explanation of Hadith:- Contnued from last Hadith

Wine is a combination of all sins. Hadrat Abdullah Bin Abbas R.A. narrates,

الخمر امّ الفواحش واكبر الكبائر من شربها وقع علٰى امّه وخالته وعمته

Wine is the root of all forms of indecency and biggest of the major sins. Whoever consumes intoxicants indulges in adultery with his mother, his maternal aunt and paternal aunt.

A certain person was asked top prostate before an idol, but he refused. He was then asked to murder someone, but he refused. Then he was told to commit Zinah and refused. He was then invited to partake of alcohol, he accepted and drank. When he was completely intoxicated, he committed all the above actions that he had previously refused to do.

In short, these three sins namely drinking, strange women and love of the world are such sins that due to these sins people get involved in various other sins. May Allah Ta'ala protect us all!