Rights of Husband

1.   To obey his command in all permissible acts

2.   Do not demand for more than he can afford

3.   Do not allow any person in your home that he does not like

4.   Do not give his wealth to anyone without his consent

5.   Take his permission to perform nafl actions, e.g. nafl roza, nafl salaat, nafl umrah, etc

6.   Do not refuse him

7.   Do not think low of him because of his looks or poverty

8.   When you see him doing something against shariat, remind him with respect and wisdom

9.   Avoid calling him by his name when addressing him

10.       Do not expose his weaknesses in front of people or backchat  him (this happens when we have pride)

11.       Do not fight with his relatives (in-laws)

12.       If there is no shar’ee excuse, then think it your honour to feed your in-laws

13.       Do not leave your home without his permission

14.       A woman cannot fulfil Allah’s rights until she does not fulfil her husband’s rights

15.       A woman who dies in a condition where her husband is happy with her, she is a janaatee

16.       To decorate or adorn yourself for your husband is important and you will be rewarded for it

17.       Think it your honour to spend on him, like Khadija Radiallahu Anha spent on Rasoolullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam

18.       Console him when he is in distress

19.       Think it your honour to serve your husband with love and sincerity

20.       Save your husband from haram earnings

21.       Try to keep his home and belongings clean, neat and tidy

22.       Always keep his comfort in mind

23.        If he questions you about anything, think and reply in a respectable manner

24.       When he calls you then respond immediately. Do not let him think he has to do the task himself

25.       When your husband asks your opinion, give him an honest and sincere answer

26.       When his angry with you, ask him for forgiveness

27.       Do not wag your tongue at him