Hakim Tirmizi Rahmatullah Alaih  said,

The correction of five people is in five places.

  • The correction of a child, is in the Maktab.
  • The correction of the youth, is in learning knowledge.
  • The correction of the elderly, is in the Masjid.
  • The correction of a woman, is in the house.
  • The correction of a harmful person, is in the prison.

Hazrat Umar Radiallahu Anhu said,

Whoever laughs a lot, his awe is diminished.

Whoever jokes, he is disdained.

Whoever increases in something, he is recognised with it.

Whoever who speaks a lot, his mischief increases and whose mischief increases, his modesty is reduced and whose modesty is reduced, his piety is decreased and whose piety is decreased, his goodness is lessened.

Whoever eats a lot, does not enjoy the remembrance of Allah Ta’ala nor does he find Barakah in his life.

Whoever talks a lot about people, his rights fall down from the sight of Allah and he leaves this world without steadfastness.