Rabia Basriah's Advices

Someone asked Hazrat Rabia Basriah R.A, “Why have you secluded yourself whereas people are benefitting from your advices?” She replied, “Where am I capable of rendering advice?” Then she recited some couplets which mean,

People are becoming servants of their desires whilst those seeking the truth have decreased.

People have worn garlands of base desires around their necks thinking that the world will never end.

How amazing it is, that people are bowing to temporary powers and are indifferent to the Real Ruler.

How unfortunate is he who is neglectful of Allah’s obedience, and makes his goal fulfilment of his carnal desires.

O you neglectful soul! Is it good to bow down to many deities or to the One and only?

How sad is the condition of the one that has entrusted himself to the obedience and loyalty of his desires that are going to end and is careless of the Owner of the day of Qiyamah.

O you brainless person! All the connections and enjoyment which you have entangled yourself with are temporary and it is only the friendship of Allah Ta’ala that is permanent.

O you neglectful one! Which enjoyment is it that has made you rebellious to your Merciful Master? The consequence of rebelliousness is being unsuccessful. 

How long are you going to rebel against the Royal King Allah Ta’ala, who is the Master of your life and death? 

When the message of death arrives, who will save you? Leave the grounds of comforts and enjoyment and become faithful to the Master of the heavens and the earth. Your honour and salvation lies in this.

O you rebellious human being! The peace of your horizon is gone misty; your humanity is hidden in barbarism. Come out of this darkness into the light of A’amale Saliha.

O you neglectful human being! You have slept very long, your negligence has reached its limits, now bathe in tears of remorse, and come into the garden of Allah’s pleasure.

Remember! In the field of sins, there is an only thorn and in the straight path of Deen there are only flowers.

Think! Are the flames of Jahannam better or the flowers of the gardens of Jannat better?

After reading this couplet Hazrat Rabia Basriah R.A cried a lot and then kept silent.

A wealthy man of Basrah asked if he could send Hazrat Rabia Basriah R.A. a supply of one year’s clothing and food. She replied, “If you can guarantee me that I will live for a year, then send it.” After saying this she busied herself in Nawafil Salaah.