Problems cause one to get closer to Allah Ta'ala

When a person experiences some difficulty then he changes his life and gets closer to Allah Ta'ala . A person changes after having a heart attack, or a person received a letter from the revenue starts getting up for Tahajjud. He now goes for the Fajr Salaah even before the Muazzin. These problems are actually a blessing in disguise for those that can handle it.

There is an incident of a poor little boy with torn and tattered clothes. He was standing on the road side requesting a lift but everyone was passing him at a speed. He picked up half a brick and threw it at a Ferrari windscreen. The driver was really upset and asked him, “How could you do this to my Ferrari?” The young boy said, “You weren’t listening to me.” Similarly when we do not listen to Allah Ta'ala then he throws a brick on our face and this is when we end up with endless problems.

These problems are blessings as Allah Ta'ala desires that we turn to Him. This is why Allah Ta'ala threw the brick on one’s face. A person that is awake doesn’t require a wake-up call. If a person doesn’t wake up, the alarm clock rings repeatedly.

If a person booked at a hotel and requested the receptionist to give him a wake-up call then a good receptionist will do his job properly by calling him. If he wants to trouble him then he will leave him alone and make him lose his flight. When Allah Ta'ala loves you He will send you a wake-up call. We should rather remain awake all the time so we don’t receive a wake-up call.

Some of our friends do not correspond regularly but the moment they face some problem we receive their letter. Many of them do not even come to Majlis but they attend Majlis when faced with a problem. We should be regular so that we do not have to face a brick in our face.

We can sacrifice thousands of our comforts for those problems that took us close to Allah Ta'ala. However, we should find the love of Allah Ta'ala. If you aren’t acquiring the love of Allah Ta'ala then He will send problems to you like the waves of the sea. When these problems arrive and you turn to Allah Ta'ala then you will be grateful for encountering such problems.

A good friend of mine had made an investment but he was not getting any returns. He had to maintain the place, pay towards rates and taxes, water bills, workers, etc. He started performing Tahajjud Salaah and things worked out well at a later stage. However, due to these problems he was given the Taufeeq of Tahajjud which is still continuing. Had the problem not affected him, leave Tahajjud, he wouldn’t even be performing his five daily Salaah. This is for those people that have made some effort on themselves, else problems cause one to become worse causing one to become depressed, or turns one towards drugs and alcohol, bad company, etc. some even go to the extent of swearing Allah Ta'ala for involving him in such a problem. In conclusion, Allah Ta'ala brings those closer whom he desires to draw towards him. However, the best and easiest method is to develop the love of Allah from before.