Intentions to be made when reciting Quraan

1.   It is the command of Allah and I am His salve fulfilling His command.

2.   To read for Sawaab (reward) and for Esaale Sawaab.

3.   To read for Hidayaah (guidance).

4.   To read to get closeness to Allah.  

5.   For the Quraan to intercede on one’s behalf on Yaumul Qiyaamah.

6.   For salvation from the fire of Jahannum.

7.   For the Hafiz to remember the Quraan.

8.   For the Qari to remember the laws of Tajweed.

9.   For the one who knows how to read (Naathirah) looking inside, to remember how to read.

10.       To act upon the Quraan.

11.       To attain the highest stage of Jannah – Hadheeratul Qudus.

12.       For cure from physical sicknesses.

13.       For cure from spiritual sicknesses.

14.       To attract the mercy of Allah and to acquire peace of mind and contentment.

15.       To revive one’s heart, strengthen one’s sight and remove all worries and concerns.

16.       To leave the world whilst reciting Quraan as Sayyidina Uthmaan (RA) was martyred whilst reciting Quraan.

17.       To increase and strengthen one’s Imaan.

18.       To increase one’s knowledge and to recognise Allah, as this will cause one humble and beg before Allah at all times.

19.       To hope for the mercy of Allah, due to which one will become the family member and favourite of Allah.

20.       The greatest most important intention is to recite Quraan for the pleasure of Allah.