Important Guidelines When Slaughtering Animals

  1. The animals should be fed properly if they have been acquired some time before slaughter.
  2. The knife must be very sharp. The knife must not be sharpened in the presence of any animal.
  3. An animal may not be slaughtered in the presence of another animal.
  4. The animal to be slaughtered should not see the blood of the previously slaughtered animal. It has to be washed away.
  5. An animal taken for slaughtering should not be led past animals which are being skinned.
  6. The animal should be caught and brought only when the slaughterer is ready for slaughtering. Usually the workers grab hold of the animal well in advance. They hold the animal captive while the slaughterer is still engaged in slaughtering another animal.
  7. The animal may not be dragged or cruelly handled when bringing it to the point of slaughter.
  8. The animal should be laid down horizontally facing the Qiblah. The slaughterer too must face the Qiblah. The Tasmiyah must be recited on each animal.
  9. The neck of the animal should not be sawn. Clean cuts should be effected.
  10. Animals should not be skinned while there is any sign of visible life in them.