Humility & Shukr

Two things have come to mind from Allah Ta'ala and through the blessings of my Sheikh and other Mashaaikh, two things are easy to carry out and if practiced upon, Allah Ta'ala will pull a person towards Him. When Allah Ta'ala pulls a person, his Tarbiyat will be taken care of, Allah Ta'ala will remove all his weaknesses. We had heard from our Sheikh R.A on several occasions regarding a king that had passed away. The parliament had decided that the first person that comes to the gates of the palace will be appointed as the king. The first person to come was a beggar, and not only was he a beggar but seven progenies prior to him were beggars as well. Anyway, he was appointed as the king. When matters pertaining to the country were put before him, he had decided correctly in every matter. When it was time to rest, he asked two people to carry him to his place of rest. They responded to his request, but they posed a question to the king. They said, “You are a beggar and seven generations prior to you were beggars, how is it that you decided correctly in matters affecting the country, you were even acquainted with the etiquettes of being the king.” He said, “That Allah that placed me onto the throne, has the ability to teach me as well.” Allah Ta'ala discusses the battle of Badr in Surah Anfaal, this was a battle in which the angels were sent to fight against the disbelievers. The angels are created of light, they live in the heavens and do not fight with anyone. They haven’t been for any military training, how would they know strategies of war? This was taught to them on the spur of the moment. The Quraan states, فاضربوا فوق الاعناق واضربوا منهم كل بنان Strike their necks and their every fingertip. If they are struck on their necks, they won’t be able to even defend themselves, if they are struck on their hands they won’t be able to hold their swords. If Allah Ta'ala blesses a person with these two qualities then such a person will be transformed into a complete Wali. One quality is that of Shukr (i.e. to express gratitude) on the bounties of Allah Ta'ala. Currently, we are complaining about water, we are human beings and desperately in need of water. At the same time, how many other bounties we are currently enjoying that we should be grateful for? We are still living, have air to breathe, enjoying various other bounties, yet we are always complaining. We are required to make Taubah and Istighfaar which is a pre-requisite to attract the mercy of Allah Ta'ala. We may be thinking as to why aren’t we receiving rain whereas Allah Ta'alais most merciful, most kind. This point can be understood from the following example, the Ulema have written that the head of the family such as the father has a business, he invites his son to join him in the business. He stipulates the duties, hours of employment, etc. In return the father promises to pay a salary, endure all costs when he gets married, provide a vehicle, a house, etc. Leave not coming to work only, the son further refutes the fact that this man is his father. Which father in the world will tolerate such behaviour? We don’t accept Allah as our ‘Allah’, we even disobey Him. He has given us our job description but we do not follow. We don’t have trust in Allah, we have more conviction in global warming, scientific research, weather forecast, etc. Make Shukr for the bounties of Allah Ta'ala, in return He will take us very far. There is a difference of opinion in Luqman A.S being a Nabi of Allah or not. He was granted a great amount of wisdom on the basis of him expressing gratitude to Allah Ta'ala. He was of dark complexion yet blessed with such great knowledge that he was like a Rasul of Allah . Hadrat Daud and Sulaiman A.S.were blessed with lofty ranks. Allah Ta'ala instructs them in the Quraan to express gratitude, اعملوا اٰل داود شكرا O family of Daud, express your thanks. The second quality is Tawaadhu (humility). The Hadith states, من تواضع لله رفعه الله Whoever humbles himself for the pleasure of Allah, Allah will elevate him. The Dua that we should recite is, اَللّٰهُمَّ اجْعَلْنِى فِى عَيْنِىْ صَغِيْرًا وَفِى اَعْيُنِ النَّاسِ كَبِيْرًا O Allah, make me insignificant in my eyes, and big in the eyes of others Haji Bhai Padia R.A.used to say, “Be a ‘Mr nobody’ and do ‘Mr everybody’s’ job. If a person has plenty of Aamaal to his credit but has an iota of pride which he didn’t repent from, he will have to go to Jahannam to have it burnt out. He will have to undergo an operation. Today, we are filled with pride. The arguments between husband and wife stem from pride. We should adopt humbleness and make Shukr. By adopting these two qualities, Allah Ta'ala will make our Tarbiyat and correct us. May Allah Ta'ala grant us Taqufeeq!