How valuable is the love of Allah Ta'ala

The person that attained the love of Allah Ta'ala has actually been freed from hundreds of worries. Many people write complaining of worries, depression, agitation, etc. The solution to it all is the love of Allah Ta'ala. When one has acquired the love of Allah Ta'ala then all the worries put together won’t even be a storm in a tea cup. If we are void of the love of Allah Ta'ala then small things are also major problems in our lives. We then complain that things not going as desired, the deliveries were not made timeously, we were overcharged for the goods, etc. These minor issues become major issues.

In one poem our Sheikh R.A says,

کوئی مرتا رہا  کوئی جیتا رہا                عشق اپنا کام کرتا رہا

Somebody dies, somebody lives, love continues doing its work

The births and deaths of people will not affect you when you possess the love of Allah Ta'ala. When Hadrat Maulana Qaasim Saheb Nanotwi R.A passed away then Hadrat Maulana Rasheed Ahmad Gangohi R.A said, “Had it not been for the great gift which Allah Ta'ala had given me, I would have become bed ridden.” The father of Hadrat Sheikh R.A asked, “Hadrat! What is it that you possess?”  He replied, “It is that thing for which you people are sitting before me.” Hadrat Maulana Yahya Saheb R.A said, “Hadrat, please tell us clearly what you are referring to.” Hadrat Gangohi R.A then replied that it is the connection with Allah Ta'ala.

If a person that has a connection with Allah then irrespective of the difficulty that he experiences whether it is death or losing all his businesses will be trivial, else a person will consider suicide on a small issue. This can be further understood by a simple example. If you intend catching a cat then it should be caught by the head. If it is caught by the tail, it will turn around and scratch you.

We use the wrong approach in trying to sort out our problems. We either pick a fight with the opposition or take him to court or lay a charge against him or write him a stern lawyer’s letter. This is catching the problems by the tail. A person that develops the love of Allah Ta'ala has caught the problems by the neck. However, this doesn’t make sense to us. We say with pride, “ I will show him.” This doesn’t solve any problem rather it aggravates the situation. The Hadith states,

من اصلح ما بينه وبين ربه اصلح الله ما بينه وبين خلقه

Whoever corrects the relationship between himself and his Rabb, Allah Ta'ala will correct (the relationship) between him and His creation.

This proves that it is not the employer that is causing inconvenience, nor the wife, children, mother, mother-in-law, but it indicates that we do not have a relationship with Allah Ta'ala.  When a person hasn’t acquired Allah Ta'ala then he has acquired nothing. Our Sheikh R.A. says that a person makes plenty of Dua on Shab-e-Qadr, Shab-e-Baraa’at, etc. but he doesn’t ask of Allah, then he has asked for absolutely nothing. On the other hand, a person spends the entire night sleeping yet before falling off to sleep he sincerely asked of Allah to be his, then he has asked for everything. Generally, we admire a person that stays awake throughout the night in Dua and we look down upon the one that sleeps after Esha after making a concise Dua.

The Dua of Hadrat Gangohi R.A. towards the ending of his life was,

اللّٰهم اجعلنا لك وكن لنا

O Allah! Make us Yours and You become ours

This Dua should be made all the time. A poet beautifully states,

اگر تو میرا تو ہر شیء میری زمین میری آسمان میرا

اگر تو نہیں میرا تو کوئی شیء نہیں میری

If you are mine (O Allah), then everything is mine, the heavens are mine, the earth is mine

If you are not mine, then nothing is mine.

کوئی مجھ سے  پوچھے میں کیا مانگتا ہوں                        میں اپنے خدا سے خدا مانگتا ہوں

وہ ہوجاے میرا ، میں ہوجاوں اسکا                          یہی رات دن میں دعاء مانگتا ہوں

If questioned by any one, what my supplication is,

I supplicate from Allah, only Himself

That I become His, and that he becomes mine,

Is my supplication night and day.

When a person has got Allah then he has everything. The courtiers complained of Aayaz (who was a slave) to the king Sultaan Mahmood Ghaznawi R.A. He had become the king’s favourite because of the qualities that he had. The king said, “I will show you people who is Aayaaz.” The king laid out expensive jewellery in his palace. He then said, “Whatever you lay your hands upon belongs to you.” All the ministers began accumulating the maximum. However Ayaaz stood still. The king asked Ayaaz whether he had heard the announcement? He asked the king as to what was the announcement and the king repeated himself. He asked the king, “Are you sure of this announcement.” The king replied in the positive. He walked up and placed his hand on the shoulder of the king and said, “You are mine.” He then said, “You have only put out a fraction of what you actually own. If you are mine everything will be mine.” Similarly, if Allah Ta'ala is ours everything will be ours.       

Sheikh Abdul Wahhab Sha’raani R.A. has written that there was a king that had allocated an hour daily to give people whatever they required irrespective of their need. However, the time changes on a daily basis, so we will establish a contact with his close ones to find out when is this time. He then explains that Allah Ta'ala grants us this time five times a day between the Adhaan and the Takbeer and during this time Allah proclaims that He will give whatever one requires. This Dua can be made whilst walking or driving to the Masjid. Some people are of the opinion that this virtue is particularly for Maghrib Salaah, rather it is for all five Salaah. The resources and generosity of Allah is unlimited.  May Allah Ta'ala grant us the Taufeeq.