Hitting of children


Alhamdulillah Allah has entrusted me with beautiful children.

However, in the process of their upbringing, specifically my son who is now 7 years old, I tend to be more aggressive. At times when he does something wrong after showing him or not, my hand becomes loose on him. The last two occasions I noticed bruising. Instead of showing remorse and affection to him or in my heart, my reaction was, "I am the father and he deserves it". I notice that he is now starting to fear me, instead of respect. When I call him close to me, he approaches me with his hands covering himself. The hiding has not solved anything, as a 7 year old he is still playful and forgets. I have become like a beast and I still can't seem to contain my anger.


Jee as you also have understood this is not at all the way to go. The
first thing now is to regain his confidence and love; without which,
nothing will be achieved. After that whenever he does something wrong;
correct him, keeping in mind the following:
i) never do anything when you are angry, in a state of anger, like being drunk, a person's senses do not work right;

ii) never use vulgar, abusive language, never taunt or be sarcastic;
iii) Explain, and let the person understand, the wrong that has been done;
iv) Explain the solution and the right thing that has to be done.
This is of course much more difficult and time consuming than just shouting, screaming or even hitting; but, it is the only way that will bear fruit.