Four great verses from the Quran to be recited daily


Hamidaw wa Muasllien wa Musallieman

When Allah Ta'ala was going to reveal Surah Fatiha, Aayatul Kursi (2:255), the Ayah of Shahidallahu (3:18) and the Ayah of Qulillaahumma (3:26 - 3:27), these four auspicious revelations complained to Allah Ta'ala that You are going to reveal us to people who commit great sins.  Allâh Ta'ala said, I take an oath by my honour that whoever will recite you after every Fardh Salâh (after the Sunnah of those Salâh that have Sunnat-e-Muaqqadah after them), I will bless him with 4 favours:

1.   I will look at him 70 times a day with mercy (70 is to denote excessiveness) and will forgive all his sins

2.   I will grant him a place in Hadhieratul Quds, a special place in Jannatul Firdaus

3.   I will fulfil 70 (many/all) of his needs, the lowest of which will be poverty (in one narration) and depression (in another narration).

4.   I will protect him against his enemies and in fact, let him overpower his enemies.

May Allah Ta’ala make it easy for all of us Inshallah.