Four great verses to be recited daily


Hamidaw wa Muasllien wa Musallieman

When Allah Ta’ala was going to reveal Surah Fatiha, Aayatul Kursi, the Ayah of Shahidallahu and the Ayah of Qulillaahumma, these four auspicious revelations complained to Allah Ta’ala that You are going to reveal us to people who commit great sins.  Allâh Ta’ala said, I take an oath by my honour that whoever will recite you after every Fardh Salâh (after the Sunnah of those Salâh that have Sunnat-e-Muaqqadah after them), I will bless him with 4 favours:

-          I will look at him 70 times a day with mercy (70 is to denote excessiveness) and will forgive all his sins

-          I will grant him a place in Hadhieratul Quds, a special place in Jannatul Firdaus

-          I will fulfil 70 (many/all) of his needs, the lowest of which will be poverty (in one narration) and depression (in another narration).

-          I will protect him against his enemies and in fact, let him overpower his enemies.