An Effort To Get 100% Of The Ummah On Salaah

Every Muslim should be concerned of the entire Muslim Ummah. The minimum that we can do for other Muslims is to make Dua. Over and above that, we should increase our effort according to our capacity and ability. We should take part in the local ghusht, out ghusht, visit our neighbours, etc. and speak to them about Salaah.

There was a particular brother in the Heidelberg area that passed away recently. He was quite actively involved in Jamaat work, he would visit any new foreigner that came to reside in the town and invited him towards Salaah. How much of effort are we making? Really, we are very weak in this regard yet the sad part is that we feel that we are okay. If anyone has to ask as to how things are in our town, we normally say that everything is okay. We should be concerned in regards to our Salaah.

Hadratjee Maulana In’aamul Hassan Saheb R.A used to say, “Let us all work together and get one pillar of Islam in order.” Many places have neighbourhood watch, Azaadville has been divided into four sections and different people are responsible for the security of their particular area. This is good and necessary, but if we get our Deen in order we won’t really need these things. Are we concerned of our section as far as Salaah is concerned, that there shouldn’t be a single person that is missing his Salaah.

The term ‘Iqaamat-e-Salaah’ refers to establishing Salaah and not performing Salaah. Salaah will only be regarded as established when everyone is performing Salaah, that is, there are 100% Musallis. How far aren’t we? Azaadville is regarded as a place that homes pious people, yet how many homes are 100% punctual upon Salaah? We are very deficient on our Salaah. The caretakers of students in Darul Ulooms also have a problem getting the students to perform their Salaah.

The Ulema have written that we shouldn’t ask what time is Jamaat, rather we should enquire what time is the Adhaan. We should prepare ourselves from that point. It is recorded in the Kitaabs that there were those Ulema that prepared for Salaah an hour before the Salaah time. We feel that if we have to prepare in that manner, we won’t have time for anything else. This is exactly how the non-Muslims think, that if we perform five times Salaah, we won’t have time for any other activity. We shouldn’t fear as Allah Ta'ala puts Barakah. I had personally seen how early Hadrat Sheikh R.A would proceed for Salaah, yet he had done so much of work. The Kitaab Fazaail-e-Aamaal of Hadrat Sheikh is virtually read throughout the world and has been translated in various languages. Hajee Ahmad Nakhooda Saheb D.B. mentioned, “Hadrat performed two Rakaats of Salaah before writing every Hadith.” This is similar to Imaam Bukhari R.A.       

May Allah Ta'ala grant us the Taufeeq to correct the situation in our localities! Ameen.