Daily Wazaaif

English Daily Maa'mulaat & Wazaaif



Contents in this kitaab:

  1. Protection from all types of Evil
  2. Protection from the Worries of Both Worlds
  3. Duâ of the Angels & Death of a Martyr
  4. Protection from all types of Harm
  5. Sayyidul Istigfaar
  6. Protection of Din, Family & Property
  7. Eternal Joy Bestowed by Allah (SWT)
  8. Dua made by Hadhrat Abdullâh Ibn Masood (RA)
  9. Protection from Riya (Ostentation)
  10. Intentions for the Day and for Life
  11. All Encompassing Dua
  12. Durûd - e - Tunajjîna
  13. Daily Recitations
  14. Husband's Dua for his Wife after Meals


Kitaab PDF Download: 

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