Commentary of previous Hadith

Hadrat Umar R.A narrates that Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam had delivered a Khutbah one day and said, “Beware, worldly possessions are temporary.” The good and the evil eat from it, whereas the hereafter has an appointed time with certainty. In the hereafter the king that has full authority over all things (Allah Ta'ala) will rule and pass judgement. Beware; all types of goodness in its different forms are in Jannat whilst all difficulties in its different forms are in Jahannam. Carry out your deeds and fear Allah Ta'ala, and remember that you will be presented before Allah Ta'ala with all your actions. Any person that carries out good deeds equivalent to an atoms weight will be rewarded, whilst a person that carries out of evil equivalent to an atoms weight will be punished.             


Makhmoomul Qalb refers to a safe heart, as Allah Ta'ala has stated,

الاّ من اتي الله بقلب سليم

Except the person that comes to Allah Ta'ala with a sound (pure) heart

The Sahaaba were of Arab origin, they had attained perfection in the Arab language in every regard, yet Allah Ta'ala would make His unlettered Rasul explain in such a manner that Sahaaba R.A. were unable to comprehend, and would have to enquire the meaning.

A poet says, “He was that orphan and unlettered Rasul that the entire Quraan was not revealed upon him as yet, it was just the opening verses of Surah Alaq that were revealed, yet all the previous heavenly scriptures were cancelled. To understand the position of Risaalat the words of Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam which perplex the mind is sufficient, but it is for a person with a sound heart.     

We understand from this Hadith the importance of purifying the heart and Islaah-e-Nafs which is emphasised by the Buzurgs, yet there is great negligence in these matters today.