The benefit of Suhbat explained by Hadrat Hardoi R.A

Once Hadrat Maulana Abraar-ul-Haq Hardoi R.A. went to visit a Mureed and a friend had accompanied Hadrat Maulana. Whilst waiting for the host to open the door Hadrat Maulana noticed that his garden was neglected. The neighbour’s garden was maintained and beautiful.

Hadrat Maulana immediately asked the person that had accompanied him, “What is the difference between the two gardens?” He said, “This one has been neglected.” Hadrat Maulana asked, “Why?”

He then said that the neighbour has kept a gardener whereas this person did not keep a gardener. Similarly, a person that keeps a Sheikh in his spiritual life to keep his garden clean will have a garden like the neighbours. On the other hand, if a person did not keep a gardener and allows the grass to grow wild so much so that even the wife tells him, “I don’t think we ever have to go to Kruger national park.” In such a garden even snakes and scorpions will appear.

Hadrat Maulana then said, “There is no harm in having a clean beautiful garden, but one should be more concerned of his Deen.” In worldly things we all desire the best, if a person can afford first class when flying then he will choose first class.