Be Concerned of Yourselves

Nowadays, we are all concerned of the differences of the Ulema. We generally comment by saying, “If the Ulema are fighting, then what will happen to us?” We are concerned of ourselves but we are concerned of others whereas the wise thing is to worry of oneself. 

The Ulema should be left to fight as they are justified in their fighting. Those that have ill feelings for Ulema will never progress. We outwardly express love for the Ulema but there are many people that entertain hatred and malice for the Ulema. A person that intends reaching Allah Jalla Jala Laho will be obstructed from reaching his goal and destination according to the ill feelings that he possesses. This is not only restricted to the general masses but includes the Ulema as well. Those Ulema that harbour ill feelings for other Ulema will not reach Allah Jalla Jala Laho and their children will be deprived of the knowledge of Deen.

On the other hand, there were such people that were not learned yet they loved the Ulema sincerely. Allah Jalla Jala Laho  had blessed their children with the knowledge of Deen and every child became an Alim. It is a sign of piety to discuss the Ulema nowadays. We act as though we are great philosophers and have the solution to their differences. If an Alim disagrees with us then we go to town with that particular Alim and run him down wherever we can. This is not our occupation. The term ‘PHD’ means “Put him down.”

The plot of Shaytaan is to get us involved in other people’s affairs and our focus is moved away from our faults and problems. When a person points one finger at somebody then in the process he is pointing three fingers to himself. This ultimately means that you are indicating towards your own faults by taking out faults of others.

A person that backbites is actually eating the flesh of the dead. Will anyone ever imagine that he is carrying out such an action? If one backbites then he is speaking the truth but speaking the truth on this occasion is Haraam. If we are not speaking the truth then it is a double sin, it is now slandering your Muslim brother.  

We should make a concerted effort to cleanse ourselves of malice and hatred for the Ulema. Allah Jalla Jala Laho and His beloved Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam has afforded a high status and rank to the Ulema therefore we should respect and honour them at all times.

Maulana Abu Bakr Bhamjee, a friend of ours had once mentioned that if one intends eating prawns, he should go ahead even though eating prawns are Makrooh (according to the Hanafi Mazhab). However, one should not eat the Alim and Imaam of one’s town. (i.e. don’t backbite about them during the course of our meals on the table). Making Ghibat of another is equated to eating his flesh. In the Quraan Shareef, Allah Jalla Jala Laho states

وَلَا يَغْتَب بَّعْضُكُم بَعْضًا أَيُحِبُّ أَحَدُكُمْ أَن يَأْكُلَ لَحْمَ أَخِيهِ مَيْتًا فَكَرِهْتُمُوهُ

And do not backbite about each other, do anyone of you love to eat the flesh of his dead brother, which you so detest?


The flesh that is most poisonous is the flesh of the Ulema. Maulana Ahmad Buzurg who is the present principal of Darul Uloom Dhabel, his grandfather was also Maulana Ahmad Buzurg who was a very pious person. He mentioned that a person that backbites about eight Ulema, his face will be turned away from Qibla after burial, and this is a guarantee. Once I had asked Hadhrat Mufti Mahmood Saheb Rahmatullah-e-Alayh, is it permissible to make Ghibat of the non-Muslims? He replied, “What is the need to do so?” You should recite some Tasbeeh, or recite Durood, recite the Quraan Shareef. Why do you want to backbite?

I had enquired about this Mas’ala from a few people but I haven’t received an answer as yet. When a person listens to the news, he is listening about the evil actions of people. Is this not regarded as Ghibat? A person that does not need to listen to the news should not listen. One should not listen to news for the sake of listening. If one is in such a position that listening to the news is necessary, then such a person should listen, such as a Mufti. He has to know about the latest news; he has to know the slang language of the people as many Masaa’il are dependent on this. A person that is a public speaker should also know what the public is involved in.  Every person does not have to know these things. It is possible that one is listening to Ghibat by listening to the news, which is equal to backbiting. We don’t even think of repenting from this sin. Ghibat is so evil that it is equated to the worst form of interest. Generally people abhor taking interest but when a person backbites, this is regarded as the worst form of interest that one can possibly consume. Interest is so evil that it is tantamount to committing adultery with one’s mother, which a person will avoid. Today they are trying to change the form of interest.

Hadhrat Maulana Muhammad Umar Saheb Palanpuri Rahmatullah-e-Alayh had given a beautiful example, if a person places idols in the Masjid and tells the people that these idols will fulfil your needs, the weakest Muslim will not tolerate it saying that this is polytheism and Kufr. These idols should be thrown out, even though they are made of gold. The person that brought the idols to the Masjid removed the idols, he then melted them and made Kruger coins. He then gives it to the people and tells them that these coins will fulfil all your needs. You may purchase a house, use it for your Haj or Umrah trip, we will now readily accept it. It is just the form that has changed. Today, many things have changed their forms. This does not legalise it in anyway.

Ghibat is a terrible thing. Not being aware of it is one thing. The other thing is being aware of it but we cover it up. We then justify the Ghibat by saying that this is a discussion of facts. These faults are in a person. There are various details to Ghibat. Sometimes we have to go and complain of somebody. This shouldn’t be done in front of everyone exposing the fault of a person. A person complains as he wants a fault to be rectified and you are aware that this is the only person that will be able to rectify the problem.


Our Sheikh Daamat Barakaatuhum says, “Why did Allah Jalla Jala Laho   make Ghibat Haraam?” If your son has done something wrong, you will punish him as you are the father. You may also advise him, but you will not be able to tolerate all the others speaking of him. You may even warn them not to speak ill of your son. Similarly Allah Jalla Jala Laho has taken the responsibility to protect the respect of His servant. So, Allah Jalla Jala Laho has made it Haraam to speak ill, ridicule and mock at His servants. Allah Jalla Jala Laho   will sort a person out for his wrong doings, or it is possible that a person will make Tauba due to which his sins are wiped out.

التائب من الذنب كمن لا ذنب له

A person that repents is like one that has not committed any sin.

When a person is pure from all his sins, people are still slandering him. How evil is such an action? How much of lies (false speech) is included in backbiting? These are the various sins pertaining to the tongue. If we make an effort in this one month and only speak when necessary then we will gain control of the tongue. This does not mean that we should become snobbish, have a holier than thou attitude and pride. If we gain control of the tongue we will shun away all futile speech and futile actions. Aameen!

In the Hadith, “It is from amongst the beauty of a person’s Islam that he abandons things that do not concern him”, there is indication that a person will gain the quality of Ihsaan. What is Ihsaan?  This is Tasawwuf. Tasawwuf will bring beauty into our Deen. If we gain control of the tongue, abstain from Ghibat, vulgar language, control our anger, etc., the house of a person will become Jannat. If these things are missing then the house of a person becomes Jahannam in this world. The wife and children prefer you to be out of the house rather than being at home. May Allah Jalla Jala Laho  grant us Taufeeq.