Advices for the month of Ramadaan Vol 1

Ramadhan advices by  Moulana Abdul Hamid Saheb Daamat Barkaatuhum


The wonderful guest of Ramadhan has arrived. Fortunate indeed is he who hosts this guest with a happy heart. May Almighty Allah accept from all.


Abandoning sin earns one the crown of the friendship of Almighty Allah, and makes one a king of both the worlds.


The fast of the eye is not to gaze at the opposite sex. When you avoid your halaal spouse in this month, how can you ever glance at what is haraam.


Do not forget that the eyes, ears, tongue, stomach, mind and heart also need to fast. Only then shall the fruits of this month be gained.

The fast of the ear and tongue is not to say and listen to what is prohibited, with backbiting being at the top of the list.


The fast of the stomach is to eat only what is halaal, wholesome and free of doubt. The food must be pure as well as the money that purchases it.


Pay no attention to the whispers of Shaitaan. He who worries about it falls prey to more. Ignoring it is the way to expel it.

The fast of the heart is to harbour no ill feelings towards others and to have no big thoughts about oneself (pride).


Keep the fast of all the organs during this month and forever thereafter. He who lives a life of Ramadhan, his death shall come like Eid.


This is the month of the Glorious Quran, thus it is only right that we learn and observe its rights during Ramadhan and forever thereafter.


It is the right of the Quran that per year one completes the Quran at least twice. If one is completed now, you have the whole year for the next.


The first right of the Noble Quran is to believe every single verse of it, especially when it concerns Hijab, Islamic punishments, inheritance etc.

The second right of the Noble Quran is to have immense love for the Quran and for those who have memorized the Quran.


The third right of the Noble Quran is to honour it, by placing nothing on top of it, not stretching one's feet to it, keeping it high, etc.


The fourth right of the Noble Quran is to learn the Quran. If one has forgotten, a few days effort under a tutor will easily put one back on track.


The fifth right of the Noble Quran is to read the Quran. For reading, lip movement is essential. Mere mind reading will not suffice.


The sixth right of the Noble Quran is to practice upon its teaching, lest it becomes a proof against us on The Day of Qiyamah. 


The seventh right of Noble Quran is to teach the Quran, either personally or by aiding those involved in its teaching.


The eight right of the Quran is to propagate the Quran and its message to those unaware, Muslim and non-Muslim.


Itikaaf during the last ten days is a Sunnah which was hardly left by Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wa Sallam. It is an ideal occasion for Islaah.


Search for Laylatul Qadr during the odd nights. Spending a few extra minutes after Maghrib in Awwabin is an ideal method of searching for the night.


To earn the crown of Wilayat, start with four fundamental issues:


  1. Always keep your trousers above your ankles.


  1. Do not cut or trim your beard less than a fist length.


  1. Protect your eyes from unlawful glances.


  1. Protect your heart from entertaining evil thoughts.