The advices of Haji Ahmed Nakhooda Saheb of Madinah Munawwarah

The advices of Haji Ahmed Nakhooda Saheb of Madinah Munawwarah 

Hajee Ahmed Nakhooda Saheb D.B. of Madiinah Munawwarah was with us and shared some extremely valuable points.

Firstly he mentioned that people do not want to take Bay’at to a Sheikh and become a Mureed. A person cannot be forced to become a Mureed. He then mentioned that there are other ways of making Islaah of people. One way is by encouraging people and at the end of the talk, that is make Tashkeel of the listeners to recite Durood Sharif and follow Sunnat. By doing so, the Isaah of a person will be made directly by Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam and one will reach the highest pinnacle of Wilaayat (friendship of Allah Ta'ala). No person can ever have an objection to recitation of Durood and following Sunnats.

Hajee Saheb asked Hadrat Sheikh R.A. whether this is true? Hadrat Sheikh R.A replied, “This is 100% percent true but such a person will not be able to make Islaah of others.”

The second advise for those that don’t want to take a Sheikh is to recite the Kitaab at home. We should read the Fadhaail-e-Aamaal and Fadhaail-e-Sadaqaat of Hadrat Sheikh R.A. which is accepted by Allah Ta'ala. There are many people that have seen dreams that whichever homes these Kitaabs are recited then Nur (light) from the Arsh of Allah Ta'ala descend upon such places. If one has acquired the Nur of Allah Ta'ala then what else is required? The Islaah of a person is also completely made by reading this Kitaab and such a person will reach the high stages of Wilaayat. Many people have changed their lives due to Kitaab reading.

The daughter of a  pious person who was regular with his Salaah starting working. She got different ideas and brought a TV in the house. He was really upset but the wife also sided with the children and approved of the TV. She further wanted a modern lifestyle and when the husband prevented them, they asked him to leave the house after giving them their respective shares of their inheritance (from his wealth).

He decided to write to Hadrat Sheikh R.A. and explained the entire scenario. Hadrat R.A told him to start Taleem in the house for ten minutes and not to interfere in their lives. When he approached the family they were quite happy as giving ten minutes for Taleem was a bargain. In a matter of few days he came home and found the TV broken and thrown outside. How many such people have read the Kitaabs of Hadrat Sheikh R.A. and our Sheikh R.A. and changed their lives completely.

There are friends and associates that don’t want to listen to the talks of Deen. For such people, a practice tested and tried by our Sheikh which works wonders; merely send a Kitaab to them without even instructing them to read it. There are many professional people that opened the Kitaabs of Hadrat Sheikh R.A. and state that they continued reading without being able to close it as a result of which the lives, minds and hearts of people had changed. This is also an effective method of Islaah.

Another aspect that Hajee Saheb has emphasised was Tauba, Istighfaar and Durood Sharif. We should commence with at least ten times Taubah, Istighfaar and Durood. This should be carried out with punctuality and gradually increase the numbers as well. The quality of the recitation is of utmost importance even more than increasing the numbers. If a person is taking ten empty capsules but then increases it to hundred empty capsules then one will not benefit. If a person takes the ten capsules but inserts 5mg of contents and then gradually increases the contents to 10mg then he will certainly see a great difference.     

May Allah Ta'ala grant us the Taufeeq!