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This Earth is Like in the Heavens
Posted On Mon, 20/02/2017 - 19:44

یہ زمیں جیسے ہے آسماں میں

This earth is like in the heavens

This is a beautiful Bayaan (in poetic form) of our Sheikh which comprises of great advices. May Allah Ta'ala grant us the Taufeeq of listening with ears of the heart. We should try and reach that position which Hadrat has indicated towards.

یہ زمیں جیسے ہے آسماں میں

(A person reaches that lofty stage) as though the earth is in the heavens

In other words, a person has reached the Arsh of Allah Ta'ala and acquired that closeness of Allah Ta'ala that is required. The Hadith states that a person should worship Allah Ta'ala as though he is able to see Allah Ta'ala. If a person acquires the closeness of Allah, then such enjoyment will be experienced in his Sajda as though he is out of the world. This is not an imaginary condition but may Allah Ta'ala grant us the reality.

جس سے ہیں آپ خوش اس جہاں میں                                 وہ شب وروز ہے گلستاں میں

The person with whom You are pleased with in the world, he is in a garden day and night

If Allah Ta'ala is pleased with a person then he is in a garden of Jannat in this world. The Ambiya A.S, Sahaaba R.A and many pious had experienced great difficulty outwardly yet they were extremely content with the...

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